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Montreal Is Getting A Sky Bridge

Montreal will be getting a sky bridge. According to mtlblog, it is set to open in mid-2019.

The walkway is going to be open to the public and will connect Tour Des Canadiens 2 and 3 to the Deloitte Tower. It will also connect itself to the Bell Center and the underground network, of which many people have been asking for an expansion.

One of the more useful things is that this walkway will create an easier transport path between the Southern neighborhoods and downtown Montreal.

The firm that has come up with the modern concept is known as the Ombrages. The engineering firm has apparently also worked on large-scale projects such as the Olympic Park Tower and the Montreal Casino. 

This network does certainly have some advantages. One of which will be allowing people to travel without directly having to go outside during the winter, which is an act that's often despised. As with everything in our world, there is cost and this one may not cost a ton right now but down the line, it might run someone a pretty penny. This is one of the more notable disadvantages of this bridge, although most people will likely enjoy having a bridge, especially during the winter months. 

By Michael Normandin

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