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12 Brands That Celebs Put On The Market (12 That They Are Leaving Behind)

Brands are pretty useful, they ensure that a product can become a household name. They have also been able to make or break people who support them but most of all, the celebrities who endorse these brands can also do that. In this case, we're exploring brands that have gone big because of the right celebrity supporting them and their products. We are also going to take a gander at brands that perhaps did not like their ambassador's behavior and with that in mind, severed ties on the business end of things.
We are well aware that these are not the worst of the best scenarios but it's just a list of situations that were good and bad. We're not trying to say this is all set in stone either. It's a real possibility that these brands could do business with certain celebrities who don't have the best track record in the beginning. One thing is for sure, we are taking a look at a few things, the main one being brands that did well because of celebs and some that cut ties because of celebs.

Good- Proactive

Proactive Via Julianne Hough
Proactive is one of the many different creams out there. There's no real reason why anyone should buy one over another, so, this is where advertising comes in. This time around to ensure Proactive actually did decently on the market, it needed support from someone who was healthy and kind to many people. This is why the cooperate team went with a celeb, specifically Julianne Hough. They felt she had what it took to make it look good and that is precisely what she did. This brand has without a doubt become a popular one because of the help of this celeb.  (Source etcanada)

Leaving behind- Pepsi (Kendall riot commercial)

Pepsi Via El Popular
The world was in a tough place regarding the news of many riots, It was political and was mostly just protests turning violent, this led to Pepsi wanting to run a good ad that tried to bring people together. Although, the ad really just made people even angrier because it made it seem like Kendall Jenner could solve the political protests by giving everyone cans of Pepsi. In fact, so many people were unhappy about the ad that a plethora of YouTube videos was made explaining how the ad was bad and didn't make much sense.

Good- Activia

Activia Via Flavorwire
Yogurt is a difficult brand to advertise since there are so many different kinds with many different tastes and benefits. Activia managed to become a household name because of a celebrity that had a decently large following and a nice peppy personality. When combined, it created some great return on investment for Activa, especially since the product tastes pretty good. The celeb, known as Jamie Lee Curtis. The ad included her talking about her daily routine, which led many people to adopt Activia into their own life on the daily.  (Source etcanada)

Leaving behind- QuickTrim (Kim)

QuickTrim Via Weight Loss Products
QuickTrim, it sounds like something you'd see on an infomercial but Kim Kardashian actually did some work with the brand. It is clear that someone of that stature was sure to get into the fitness marketing world at some point in time. The ad did not do very well as it really didn't make people want to buy the product. This is likely the reason behind the brand and Kim Kardashian not going further with bigger and more intricate advertisements and brand deals.  (Source etcanada)

Good- Burger King

Burger King Via VideoBlocks
Burger King was not really a household name for a long time but was popular just because of competition and decent food. It was more of a fast food place that you went to when you were tired of a place like Mcdonalds. However, that changed when they launched a nice advertising campaign that explored the true nature of fast food. It featured the iconic king and a fun place to go to if you wanted an environment that was sufficient for the family. It also had Snoop Dogg in it, which made many people want to go out and buy the food.  (Source etcanada)

Leaving behind- Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Via Fuse TV
Mountain Dew has long since been the stereotypical drink of the people who enjoy playing video games. It's gone through some hard times and some good times, just as anything on this planet. Although, one of the times that may not have been so good was when the company teamed up with rapper Lil Wayne to promote the product. The brand and celebrity cut ties after Wayne released a song that contained some pretty vulgar lyrics that mentioned the death of Emmett Till, a teen who was murdered after flirting with a white woman in the 50s.  (Source etcanada)

Good- Loot Box

Loot Crate Via A Year Of Boxes
This is pretty interesting, Loot Box did not do much traditional style advertising as per say Mcdonalds of another company. It instead took the route of targeting the online community, specifically those using YouTube by sending the boxes to YouTubers. It got so popular that some of the biggest names in the industry such as Pewdiepie actually mentioned the service, even Mcjuggernuggets actually talked about it. This is why it was so good for the branding of the service and product, people enjoyed seeing others like them about the product and service as a whole rather than some celebrity that they'll never see.

Leaving behind- Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig Via Today Show
This is actually known as a pretty ugly situation as the relationship between both the brand and the celebrity did not go so smooth. Kristie Alley was the chosen celebrity for the brand's project. It didn't end well because of two words, "circus fat." In short, it caused a lot of controversies and the brand basically had to cut ties and essentially end the project at the pressure of the outside world. Jenny Craig certainly would not allow such a thing to happen again but it was more of a wakeup call for other companies and celebs.  (Source etcanada)

Good- Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Ad Jessica Via Adweek
Weight Watchers had an amazing campaign simply because they featured people that weren't so famous as well as famous people. This means that they targeted as many people as possible to give the service a shot and most of them saw some decent results. One of the celebrities that it featured was Jessica Simpson who had actually just had two kids, so, it showed that anyone who was motivated could use the service to lose weight.  (Source etcanada)

Leaving behind- Carl's Jr

Carls Jr Via Yahoo Finance
Carl's Jr is a very popular restaurant because the food just tastes good, it isn't like many restaurants and has a unique taste that most people just can't recreate. One of their ads did not go so well because it featured some sexy styles of eating a burger by Kate Upton. Although neither the brand of celebrity really sat down and stated that they hated each other, Kate does not jump on the ads for the restaurant anymore, likely due to the fact that an ad like that would never get by people today.  (Source etcanada)

Good- Capital One.

Capital One Via VideoBlocks
The widely popular credit card service known as Capital One has a great shot at making an ad, and they did precisely that. Most people love the actor Samuel L. Jackson because of the way he for one acts and manages to speak. In this case, he took those skill for this ad with Capital One and it had people lining up for the service, some of them probably just because it was their favorite actor.  (Source etcanada)

Leaving behind- Priceline

Priceline Via Sun Sentinel
Wiliam Shatner did do some work with Priceline but the decision by the brand to kill their spokesperson in an ad for the Superbowl is one that is unusual, most of those types of ads never actually air either. This time around, it left a bad impression on many people who saw and well, for the most part, they don't really work as well together ever since that situation as people still recall the ad. It was so impactful on people because Wiliam Shatner was in operation with Priceline for over a decade and we all came to love them and him in their duo until this situation. (Source etcanada)


SPRAYGROUND backpack Via LA Style Rush
Kevin Duran is actually a fan of this brand and would obviously support it. The brand features things like shark graphics and camouflage clothing as well as bags. This means it is easily identifiable and has certainly become a popular item in the world of urban clothing. Other than that, the brand has even got the support of pop-star Beyonce. That is an achievement and gives off the impression that the celebs are one reason why this brand is what it is today. (Source eonline)

Leaving behind- Subway

Subway Via Pond5
Jared from Subway did some pretty bad stuff that we really shouldn't get into. He was caught doing some things that most people in the world would find disturbing, to say the least. Once police found out about his activities, they moved in on him. Then, Subway found out about the incident and activities, they immediately distanced themselves. The only issue is that people still recall the brand's connection to Jared, who lost a lot of weight on his Subway diet.


LUKKA LUX Via Lukka Lux
The name might not be the best but the support from the people that use the items is strong.  This brand has got the support of Christina Millian which is pretty good since she's more than popular in our fascinating world. The overall idea of the brand is to simply provide an athletic line, it's a simple goal but one to create enough competition to only bring out the best items to the public. This is why it came into existence and is popular among public figures. (Source eonline)

Leaving behind- Verizon

The Verizon logo is displayed, Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011 in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)
Verizon had to distance itself after an on-stage incident regarding singer, Akon and a girl who was supposed to be eighteen but turned out to be a minor. In fact, there was even video of the event, so, that made it even worse and it was spreading like wildfire on the internet, that's why Verizon could not keep itself connected to the singer at that time. One reason behind Verizon's decision to do this could have been that they don't want to lose sales over the errors of people that do not even work for them. (Source businessinsider)

Good- I.AM.GIA

I AM GIA Via iamgia
This is another brand that might be small but manages to get the idea of a gender-bender fashion style for women out there. That is also one reason why the entire brand did more than well, thanks to the unique line of clothing that it created for women. Some celebrities that support the brand are known as Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber. If this brand was bad, it would not have such loyal supports as it does, this means that it's giving quality items to quality people to promote. In fact, it's not uncommon for celebs to unknowingly improve the sales of a brand by wearing of openly support clothing brands, this could have also been what happened here. (Source eonline)

Leaving behind- Nutella

Nutella Via Wikipedia
This incident might not have been a direct one. You see, Nutella is a chocolate spread that is loved by millions and it's also unhealthy. That said, it doesn't mean you cannot have it or give it to people. Kelly Clarkson was accused by social media users of child abuse because she gave her kid Nutella. This means that the celebrity and the brand are likely never going to do work together for fear of public outcry, like there was before, without them actually working together.


Sub urban Riot Via South Moon Under
Beyonce is one support for this brand. Given, she seems to really like many brands with the style of being modern, so, that makes sense. It's really unique because it targets people in a good way but manages to just do what other brands do. This is likely why Beyonce supports them, she likes that the brand can stand its ground. This is why the indirect relationship between the brand and Beyonce is really good. The brand can get sales and the celeb gets to feel like they have helped in a meaningful way. (Source eonline)

Leaving behind- Burberry.

Kate Moss Burberry Via Pinterest
Burberry, it's well-known and loved by millions all over the world. Burberry had to cut the bridge cables after Kate Moss got caught doing some less than legal consumption of substances. Their reason behind it is likely that they do not support the consumption of illegal substances and do not want people to think that they do. The situation has probably even damaged the entire relationship between the celebrity and the company as a whole. (Source businessinsider)


PALACE Via The Idle Man
There seems to be a reassuring theme of brands getting indirect advertising from people who are more than famous. This time around it is the ever loved Kylie Jenner. She seems to like the PALACE skare brand, probably because of the history behind it. The creator apparently called himself a bum and then decided to start a company during his gap decade from college. It's pretty unique clothing too and gives off the sense of sticking it to the man. (Source eonline)

Leaving behind- The Milk Processor Education Program

Milk Processing Via CELEBS PLACE
This was a terrible incident but the brand wasn't huge, at least to the millennials that currently exist. The ad stopped being run after one of the Olsen twins ended up getting treatment for an eating disorder. This means that for the time being this company and the celebs are not going to be working together, it just would not make much sense and set a good example to the people the ad was targeted towards. (Source businessinsider)


My sister Via My Sister
This brand is yet another in the series of brands that get indirect support from celebs for their products. Most of the time it is a good thing and that is the case this time around, the brand saw support and likely an increase in sales due to the fact that Blake Lively supports it. One thing the brand has got going for them is the act of progressiveness, which really does appeal to the millennials. This is also why a lot of celebs support it, the brand shows that it can adapt to different changes and will do so while upholding its values. (Source eonline)

Leaving behind- Kellogg

Kellogg's What Gets You Started? event in Union Square on Thursday, April 28, 2016 in New York. (Charles Sykes/AP Images for Kellogg's)
Kellogs has seen it's fair share of bad public relations, although Michael Phelps and the company had a bad bridge to burn after the athlete was caught consuming illegal substances. This is a sound reason for terminating an agreement since it can easily make Kellogs look terrible in the eyes of the public, which not something that they would want to make happen, especially since a minor thing like that can certainly make the world lose its mind and possibly boycott the brand. All of which can be easily avoided if they terminate a contract, which is what they did. (Source businessinsider)

By Michael Normandin 

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