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25 Gadgets Every Modern Dad Should Have (And Their Cost)

Fathers are the type of people that can be joked about a lot in our world but they can have some of the best gear out there when it comes to doing pretty much anything. Dads also have that secret sense of humor in the different types of gadgets and items that they decided to purchase. Our fathers are generally the type of people to enjoy the outdoors while having a touch of typical movie-style dad stuff around them to keep the rest of us simply in awe of how they even got their hands on it to begin with.
This post is not particularly designed to be used as a tool for you to use when looking for a gift for your father, although you can use it that way if you'd like. We're not trying to tell you that dads desperately need these items but instead might use them because they're easy and have some pretty good functions. These gadgets are also great to use for more than just dads and can be used by pretty much anyone.

Go-Anywhere Grill-$59.99

Via GrillChoice
Who does not like getting out a nice barbecue every now and then. It's a great way to start enjoying the outdoors, well, at least in your backyard but no need to fear, that's where this grill comes in. It's portable and gives you all the best options when dealing with your food. Grilling is dangerous but the Go-Anywhere grill does, in fact, make it rather simple when trying to set up and use it. This is why dads would have it, they can bring it anywhere with them, which means they can have their famous steak or burgers while camping, on a road trip or just at a friend's house. (Source

Chromebook C731-C11A-$189.99

Via ChromebookDB
Let's face it, if there is anyone on this earth prone to breaking their stuff, it's dads. They can easily break pretty much anything without them ever even knowing how it happened in the first place. They are the types of people to forget their computer on top of their car and drive off. That's why this Chromebook is great for them, it can take a bit of a beating and will be surely good for the accident-prone among us.

DJI Spark drone- $399

Via ZDNet
This drone is great for a father who wants to take those family photos but just doesn't have a nice camera or wants a good aerial view of their yard with everyone having some good old-fashioned fun. This drone is great for anyone that is looking to get some cinematic shots in a decent resolution but isn't too familiar with the world of drones. That's why a father should have one, they'll learn about flying and can get some of the best family photos out on the internet.

Eero Home WiFi System-$368.67

Via iMore
There are few things more frustrating than not having good wifi, especially when you pay for good wifi. This is generally something that our fathers have to put up with, it's not uncommon either, given they have children and are probably losing speeds because of it. So, this wifi device will enable them to get a decent amount of speed in their specific location around the house. (Source

Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer-$66.99

Via Tufrey
You have got to know when your food is at that nice perfect temperature. If it gets too hot, you'll dry it out, this is something that happens with turkey often. That issue can be fixed simply by using a thermometer. This time around, dad won't be drying out the food like the Sahara Desert. He'll instead be cooking like a top of the line chef and bringing some juicy chicken home from the backyard. (Source

Blink Home Security Camera System-$99.00

Via AndroidGuys
Home security is important, especially with all of these cool gadgets that your father has got. So, as a deterrence, you're going to want to go ahead and be sure to have something that can help keep your items safe fro those who might not have the best intentions. This is why the Blink camera is rather good. It's been said to have a great quality camera that is both reliable and affordable. This system is one that will generate some feelings of security inside. (Source

Logitech Harmony Elite-$274.99

This is something that just has luxury written all over it. The name has got harmony and elite in it, that's how you know that it should be a rather good product. It's fairly expensive at almost $300 but be sure that the saying you get what you pay for comes into play. Your dad is also getting one of the most well-known tech companies that sells stuff on the market, Logitech, they're always releasing some good products for people to buy. In this case, it's remote and should be universal so he won't have to locate one hundred different remotes in the house to use the television correctly. (Source

Phone cases of all types-50$

Via Mobile Fun
Phone cases are one of the most important things for our family member, as well as ourselves if not everyone. They protect the dearly expensive items that we love to use all day. This is why a phone case should be quality and really only come from quality manufacturers. However, you can buy some unknown ones and they'll likely get the job done. Any phone case will do for your father and also protect his phone, so, he won't be buying a new one every six months when he inevitably drops it.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller-$159.00

Via The WiFi Garden
Chores, many homeowners dislike it, including our fathers. They likely despise having to wake up early on a nice Saturday morning to just turn them on, most homes come with a system but being able to automate the sprinklers is great. It allows someone to stay in bed and put in minimal effort to get the job done, then, there's more time for barbecuing and odd hours of the day. This device certainly has a nice price-tag for the features that it might hold within, it might also give your father more time to himself. (Source

Hamilton Beach Compact Refrigerator- $97

Via Walmart Canada
It just sucks when the kids manage to snatch the last Coca-Cola from the fridge, or even just the last bit of chips. It's both frustrating and just outright annoying for anyone that had planned on saving those. This mini fridge is basically the key to fixing that, and it's a good price. The father can simply have his snacks hidden from everyone who would eat them in this nice fridge and then go ahead and eat them whenever he wants. It's a great and simple solution to the age-old problem of eating someone else's food. (Source

CANDI Wireless Charging Station- $20.40

This is likely a cheap solution to the issue of not having enough battery life or just being too lazy to carry a charger down to wherever you might be. You or your father will find it useful because it not only allows you to charge your phone but it enables you to charge a device without a cable. It's like a science fiction film, in your home! Given, dad will love it and use it a lot, he'll probably love it because it helps more than just him, it helps everyone who needs to use it in the household. (Source

Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer- $82.99

Ah yes, this device can speed up the cooking of dinner so much that you'll likely need it just because dad is cooking a large feast. It is said to be able to cook two different types of foods at once without mixing flavors. That's something that will take some explaining to dad because he might not want to try that for fear that the food won't turn out very good. At the price range, it's worth a shot to at least try out and see if your father likes it. If he does and he very-well might because he can reduce the overall cooking time of the evening party. (Source

Carbonated sparkling water maker - $199.00

Via Soda Stream
This might not seem like it is needed but it is kind of useful if your father goes ahead and basically keeps the many sparkling water companies in business with the amount he buys. This little device is going to ensure that he can create his own sparkling water. It's a good idea, especially if he's always consuming that type of drink, he should be able to do it and this device makes sure he can. On top of that, it's not that bad of a price which means he can really enjoy himself after he's bought it. Something like this is sure to give him a quality drink, anytime he wants. (Source

Cell phone sanitizer -$104.99

This is beneficial to more than just our fathers, although, it's especially useful for anyone that gets a sweaty phone whenever they're doing some work outside. This device is rather simple and basically just cleans your phone by applying a nice cleaner to the screen. It's a useful tool if someone gets their phone dirty often. At the price point it's a wonder why more fathers don't have this device, especially if they tend to get their devices dirty a lot. (Source

Gage Leather Strap Watch-$250.00

Via So Over It
Watches are pretty cool and have really changed how the entire world operates, it allows us to tell time. This is why every father needs one, they often find themselves strapped for time on a busy day and need to keep track. It's best to do so in style. That's exactly what this watch will do. It will allow your dad to look his best and also tell the time, which can be pretty important to him at times.

Cable Management Organizer- $15

Via AliExpress
Among the many things that can frustrate us about our fathers, cable management can be one of them. Of course, this really depends on how much you care about having cables lying around or pointing out. Although, it's best to carry a case if you or your dad is the type of person to just leave those lying around in your bags for ages. This cheap product will allow you to shove all of your cables in one place and will even make sure that you are organized in the timeframe. It's a great tool if you hate leaving cables lying around. (Source

Bellyak: Laydown Kayaks-$730

Via Awesome Stuff 365
If your father is the type of person to simply go ahead and try to sleep a lot. This is great for him. He can have all the fun of kayaking while just lying down on his belly. He can also get a nice tan on his back while doing it. While it may be expensive, dad is sure to like it because he can calmly lye down on a kayak and partake in conversation or just let the water take him around town. It's great if he likes to lye down and just enjoys seeing what's around him. (Source

Game Boy Watch-$30

Via Merchoid
Some of our dads can safely be called the geeks of the old days. This Game Boy watch is the perfect thing that he would need to give off that image. It'll show that he is the cool father who not only likes to game but he's also the father who's not afraid to show off the classics of his day, in the form of a watch! It's also rare which would make him happy to have it. This watch is something that many dads would have enjoyed back in the day. (Source

Waterproof 1500 Lumen Lume Cube Flashlight-$80

Via Hobby Mounts
Flashlights are one of the great tools of our world. They allow us to see when we should not be able too. However, we can't really do that in the water, this flashlight will allow your father to go ahead and see whatever it is he's fixing in the water. The price point is also pretty good but it isn't the best one out on the market, however, it'll get the job done when dad needs to get it done. He won't need to fear the rain when working outside or anything like that. (Source

Portable Coffee Maker-$260

Via Kyliesstyle
Coffee is an addictive substance that we drank by millions if not hundreds of millions of people on the daily. It's something that has even created the saying of I need my coffee in the morning. This coffee maker would solve that. Dad, in theory, could make coffee in his office without having to go out and wait in line like everyone else. Although he'll need to partake in all the steps of making coffee, he's making it for him and only him. The price point is fair given the many options gives him, especially the fact that he can use it while camping or out on the road. (Source

The foldable picnic table-$63

Via Spiderlegs Tables
Picnics can be more than fun. However, they can also be frustrating if you're trying to find a place to actually sit and eat, not many people take liking to consuming food on the ground with the many insects that roam there. This device is like a nice small foldable one that will solve that. It may be good for around two to three people but is great if you're barbecuing and need to place food on. This is something that is almost a must for any father that travels a lot. (Source

Tabletop Fireplace-$100

Via Meetings Canada
The tabletop fireplace is that type of item that'll create a lot of questions for anyone walking by it. Other than that, it'll also give off the sense of a modern feel and individual. It's a cool looking tiny fireplace, most people are going to consider it cool. Our fathers are the type of person to use it simply because they can feel like they're not to one all of the time, even if they're not. It's a great thing to alter the mood and atmosphere of anyone.

Potato Chip Bag Resealer-$16

Via ThisIsWhyImBroke
This little device has actually been going around social media lately and will be great for any father that has the issue of leaving bags open. This is something that basically closes the bag with little effort. It also reduces the need for a clip of anything of that sort to be on the bag. The device even has the potential to keep chips fresh for a longer period of time. This little piece of tech is sure to put a smile on your dad's face when he uses it for the first time and realizes how useful it is for him. (Source

Snorkel Camera Mask-$50

Via ThisIsWhyImBroke
Snorkeling can be fun, especially if it's a hobby that a dad partakes in. There's nothing like being able to share that experience with actual visuals. A snorkel mask that enables a dad to have a camera on it means that he can literally show his kids what he saw when he was on his underwater adventure. On top of that, it's a fairly cheap item that should not be overlooked if he's someone that likes to create content and go swimming or snorkeling in general. (Source

Smores fishing pole-$25

Via Home Wet Bar
This is just outright cool. Having a fishing pool that can help dad make smores for the entire family is awesome. It means that he'll be allowed to go ahead and do multiple things while letting them sit on top of the fire. There's also the cool fishing aspect of it which might not be anything like fishing but will be sure to catch the attention of any father. This time around, it's targeted towards one that is around fires a lot of tends to go on camping trips, perhaps even picnics. (Source

By Michael Normandin

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