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Vaccines For Animals And The Thoughts Surrounding Them

Image by Fran from Pixabay

There is a new step in the heavily debated topic of whether vaccines give people autism or not. In this case, it appears that there are pet owners who might believe that getting their dogs shots could give their animals health issues.

According to the National Post, the thought first appeared on the television show known as Good Morning Britain. On the show, a message was apparently put out on Twitter, which asked some pet owners what they thought.

While the Twitter post didn't cause a large-scale argument as is the case with other instances, it did lead to the British Veterinarian Association replying and stressing the importance of vaccines for animals. The association also wrote that there was no reliable scientific evidence backing up the idea.

 This is actually something that's been looked into before though, according to a study conducted in 2014 by Tufts University, some bull terriers exhibit behavior which is similar to autism. This includes tail chasing, aggression, and even phobias. Apparently, this is similar to how some autistic children might behave. As in, spinning in circles and flapping their arms. With that in mind, one of the authors of the study who's a veterinary behaviorist at the university, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, mentioned that the study only examines one breed of dog, not all dogs out there. On top of that, he also said that vaccines do not cause autism in dogs or humans.

Despite the study and the position of Dr. Dodman, there are still some areas that can get some people on edge about it all. Dr. Peter Dobias, a holistic veterinarian, apparently believes that there's a possibility to over-vaccinate a dog. He thinks that a dog being vaccinated to much could lead to them having a damaged immune system.  Even in this particular debate, Dobias said that “the jury is still out," on some pet owners claims that vaccines are causing odd behavior in their dogs.

All in all, it's clear that there's a new step in the debate regarding the debate of eighter being pro or against vaccines. One side might think that it can cause health issues down the line, while others don't think that it can happen at all.

By Michael Normandin

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